Student Nomination Story

Glen Rogers By: Michael Carpenter I joined this workout place in my junior year of high school called Wisconsin Barbell. I joined because I needed a place closer to home to work out and a place where I could get stronger for baseball. “The trainer that I met changed me as an athlete,” and his name is Glen. I remember talking to him and saying,“Nice to meet you.” For working out the first time Glen said,” nice to meet you.” Then he came back with,” Lets go workout those tiny muscles.” Glen is one of the most caring people I know. I walked into his facility and he welcomed me like I was a regular there. He talks to everyone that comes in to make sure they know he is there for help. His whole goal is to make you stronger no matter what. I go to the gym about four to five times a week. I have been taught a lot by Glen about arm care and baseball workouts to make me a stronger baseball player. I use a machaca gun and hit my body to get knots out of my muscles. This has been great for me and makes me feel the best before I throw for baseball. He is always finding new ways to make my arm loose and stress-free. Glen is there all the time working people out. He teaches people the workouts they should be doing to help them become a better player in their sport by working out to be more explosive and be a stronger athlete. He also is giving out advice to help him become a better person in life. For example, when I am at the gym he pushes me to do more weight, and on other things he wants me to do less weight. Which makes me see that if you are pushing yourself or trying something different it will make you better as a person. I enjoy talking to Glen all the time and learning the knowledge he knows about working out and what he thinks is the best for me. My friend and I got our own workout at Barbell that Glen set up for us which is only based on baseball players. This workout is for more arm strength towards baseball movements and to condition the arm for when we throw. I sometimes just go into Barbell and stretch, roll out or use the gun on myself. I like doing this because then I can go get stretched out before my games. Glen pushes me to try harder and to do more weight or to do a certain amount of weight to stay safe and not hurt myself like during the season. He has taught me to work hard and push myself to workout hard and try to get big. I workout because he got me to enjoy working out. And is a great trainer helping me become a better athlete and a more explosive athlete. If I didn’t have a place I could go and work out, and where the trainer would help me and make a workout around the sport I play. I don’t know if I would be as good of a baseball player. Thank you, Glen

Michael Carpenter

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