Student Nomination Story

My son, Crosby Brim, started school for the first time this year. Ginger Trusner, his PreK Teacher, could not have been a better fit! I remember that Mrs. Trusner asked the parents on back to school night what our expectations were for the teacher. After considering this question, I remember writing that I just wanted our son to love learning. Mrs. Trusner far exceeded these expectations! When he started in the fall, Crosby was excited about friends, chocolate milk, and gym. Somehow, Mrs. Trusner has harnessed that energy. He is reading and working through math books in order to “get to book II.” I am amazed by what she has pulled out of our son. I know that she believes so much in the power of the Montessori method, and I believe there is a truth to that. However, more important than any of the materials or lessons, is the caring person that starts their educational journey. Mrs. Trusner gracefully balances academic rigor with inspiration. Patience and daily communication are as natural to Ginger Trusner as breathing. I actually think she could bring a sense of calm to a yoga studio! Even when we worry, she sees the best in our son, and exudes positive progress. It was not a secret that Mrs. Trusner was a great teacher; I had heard about her before. I feel like we hit the jackpot with our son’s first exposure to school. Crosby will have a lot of teachers in the future, but we will never forget her! Thank you, Mrs. Trusner, for everything!

Crosby Brim

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