Student Nomination Story

It was a Friday after school, I was in my car finding somewhere to go as I found myself pulling into Gina's driveway. I walked into her house and she greeted me. “There is food in the kitchen for you, are you not hungry?” I replied “I’m very hungry lately but thank you.” It was a simple question, something so little to everyone else but something special to me. A sign from her telling me that she knows what had happened. I have known Gina for six years. She has watched me grow alongside her daughter. She has watched me during a time in my life when I felt happiness but more importantly has helped me when I had felt most alone. Gina is the most kind-hearted and outgoing person I have ever met in my life. She has so many friends and continues to be there for. For a while this year, I have faced some rough patches. I have gone from happy and content to confused and unsure of what was happening in my life. I went over to Gina’s house to talk with my best friend and her daughter Ella. I had been going through something that had made me upset and left me wanting a place to go. I spent the weekend at Gina’s house to end up hearing more upsetting news. I hadn't been able to stop thinking about what I had heard, I was so confused about what I had been feeling that I couldn't even put it into my own words. I talked to Gina. I told her everything that had happened within the last couple days. She listened to me go on and waited until I was finished to give her advice. She gave me advice that I will never forget. She had said “We can’t go back and change what has happened in our past and that each experience that we go through shapes us into who we will become. You learn from each experience and can take something good away from anything bad.” I had always known how good of a person Gina was. She is the type of person that walks in a room and immediately lightens the mood. I’ve been lucky to meet her and look at her as a role model in my life. The things that she has done for me have been greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Nyah Durovy

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