Student Nomination Story

It was my sophomore year at Arrowhead’s home Myrhum track meet, the biggest of the year! It was a warm sunny day with little to no breeze, which set up the perfect day for throwing in competition! I had qualified for finals in shot put against some of the best girls in the state, but I had to throw with no coach as they had to officiate the other rings. I was chasing girls in competition and I finally did it, I popped one out past 39 feet. Immediately after that throw, I ran down to the only person I needed to talk to. Down the hill to the first disc ring I went, I found Coach Steinbach and told him excitedly what I had done. He gave me the biggest hug showing how proud he was but then immediately turned to look at me saying a common Coach Steinbach phrase, “Now get after the next one!”. I ended up on the podium at the end of that meet but that wasn’t the best part of my day. The best part of that day and what is now an unforgettable memory was what Coach Steinbach did after all was said and done. Just as the sun was starting to fade and we finished picking up the meet, Coach Steinbach pulled our throws team together. Choking up he told us how proud he was of us and all that we had accomplished that day. I took to heart the words he said in that little gathering and it really moved me. Going into what is now my senior year I have been thinking more and more about who has helped me get to where I am. The one person that I keep going back to is Coach Steinbach. He is a man of many things. He is personable, meaningful, supporting, and extremely motivating. He knows how to relate to people of all ages and is always bringing the energy up in a room. He puts in hours of his own time to go above and beyond for all of the athletes he works with. People outside of the Arrowhead throws program might not know exactly what he does to create such a special environment. The one thing that stands out the most is at the beginning of every season he sits down and creates goals for the team and individuals to achieve. If we hit those marks throughout the season he uses his own money and takes time out of his day to grill hotdogs and burgers for the entire team. This isn’t typically a one time deal either, so it just goes to show how much he cares and wants us to succeed. I find my eyes light up when I see an email from Geoffrey Steinbach come across my screen. Reason being is because I know it is going to make my day so much better. There is always a lesson to be taken from Coach even from the daily emails that are received during season. He is continually teaching and making the most out of the time that he is given. I admire him so much and am very grateful for our relationship and everything he has done for me. Coach Steinbach is one person that I hope to never lose touch with because he seems to always have the right thing to say and he provides the best advice for life. I know for the rest of my life I will keep Coach Steinbach, his words, and the memories close to my heart.

Elise Schneider

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