Student Nomination Story

Mr. Powell has helped several teenagers get through the last years of school because he is hands on and prioritizes one on one communication. He knows what the kids need when they come to CBI (Career Based Intervention), a school/work program. He is always there to help the kids. Whether it is taking the time to make sure students understand their assignments or helping them find a job (to attend CBI you have to have a job that you work 15 hours a week), he will go over a plan with the student to get them through school to obtain their diploma. He tells them all about how many credits they will need and if they are lacking. He will be sure they understand what needs done to make the credits up, so they are on track or ahead of the game. I have two children that have been privileged enough to attend CBI and have Mr. Powell as their teacher. My daughter was very torn between continuing the Career Center or Attend CBI. She already had a job so her decision was to be at work and make more money while attending CBI. My daughter was able to graduate in December with the help of Mr. Powell. He knows the laws and what is being passed at the state house and how it will effect his class. With him knowing these things, my daughter was excited to receive her diploma early. With her moving on early as well as other CBI students, space was made for other seniors to attend CBI and get the extra help that Mr. Powell gives. I also spoke to Mr. Powell about my son when he was a sophomore. He laid out a plan for us to get to CBI, so my son could get the help I feel he needed. My son is a senior this year and he has struggled with school for 6 years or more. Mr. Powell has helped my son accomplish things no one else would take the time to do. Yes, my son was deficient in credits when he started his year at CBI, but, from what I understand, my son has completed subjects ahead of schedule and may also be able to get his diploma in December. To me this is only possible because Mr. Powell is a compassionate and caring man that cares about these kids that no one has taken time for. I feel it is his passion to help as many kids as possible to obtain there diploma, so at least they will have that as a foundation to begin life in the world.

William Kosier

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