Student Nomination Story

Sgt. Gary Leffew (Ret.) inspired me to join the military and to be a better person. He has done the same for several other students. He inspired me to have an interest in the military, specifically the Army. He has also inspired me to be a better person by giving me opportunities to be a leader and meet new people by doing different events and activities. He has let me command a flight and teach my peers in the program things to improve our leadership skills. He and his peer, Captain Douglas Howard (Ret.), work together to teach around 150 kids in the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program. Overall Sgt. Gary Leffew (Ret.) has changed my life by being an amazing teacher inside and outside the classroom. The unique way they run the program gives me and my peers an opportunity to shine and improve as people, whether that is inside school or at home. That is how Sgt. Gary Leffew (Ret.) has changed my life and inspired me as well as others.

Michael Kellogg

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