Student Nomination Story

My son has autism. He began kindergarten nonverbal, had severe anxiety attacks, would self harm, and couldnt communicate his basic wants and needs. Mrs. Morgan began working with him and something about her brought him out. He began speaking after a few months with her. His whole attitude changed. He stopped hitting his head on things, he became able to calm himself and finally had the ability to describe how he felt. I first thought that maybe she was just paying special attention to him bc he was so loveable. But upon numerous visits to her room I noticed she was that way with ALL of her students. She cared for our children, she loved our children. She took care of my child as if he were her own. She pushed him to his limits and beyond. She pulled him out of his own head. She taught him how to understand how a "normal" person thinks. She taught him about emotions and how to express his. She is truly the greatest teacher I have ever known. She has the biggest heart and she never asks for anything in return. I respect and value her. I still consult her on things related to my sons education even though he is in middle school now. She is beyond amazing.

Mason Doyle

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