Student Nomination Story

I appreciate everything you did for me this football season and last year in composition. You were a special teacher and coach regardless of how our season went. What's more important than anything is how you were as a person. You deserve credit for what you did at Arrowhead and I hope you know I am not the only one who feels this way. You taught me more than how to write and play football. You had an electric, positive attitude and loved what you did and I appreciated that. I walked into Arrowhead football my senior season not knowing what I was going to get out of the year. I didn’t know if I was going to play the position I desired or even play at all; it was hard taking a year off. Regardless, you gave me a shot and believed in me; because of that, I felt comfortable with the team. I have never been a fan of practicing. Some would say I could be lazy, but your enthusiasm and energy made everything better. We didn’t do great this year, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing because I loved the team and the staff. You were a motivator and someone who knew how to pump us up. I will never forget the pre-game speeches. Even in composition class you motivated us, showing us videos of crazy rock climbs. Not often do I find a teacher or coach that motivates me to work harder the way you did, for that I was lucky to have you as both. I remember telling my parents how I loved playing for you. The fact that you care about your players and kept a relationship with them over summer and during the season was something special. I remember dreading going to ACC during summer, but you were there at six in the morning, getting to work for the betterment of the team. That was the most inspirational thing. You loved football. It was easy to notice how passionate you were about the game. You even gave 100% in the classroom. I have been with many coaches with different styles across the board, and the fact that you pushed everyone on the field and created an atmosphere that was positive made us come together better as a team. Over my time playing Arrowhead football, I took a lot for granted, never realizing the importance of parents, coaches and facilities. It hits me after the season how important these things were and I want to thank you for everything you did for me throughout high school. You made me love football more than I ever did and I enjoyed playing for you. Sincerely, Will

Will Bonk

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