Student Nomination Story

She is very dedicated, she really cares for the kids, she loves the kids and helps them a lot to improve their grade. She is constantly focused on the kids to be good and learn their best. She's very kind and the kids love'her very much. Even though she's not my daughter's teacher anymore she still a very special teacher and dedicated to kids. She's a wonderful teacher. I'm very grateful for helping my daughter improve in class and focused on her needs.

Cassandra Rivera

Mrs. Garcia always went beyond what was expected, she will go the extra mile to help a student. If a student needed extra support she will be there during lunch, before or after school she was always available. She communicated effectively with parents and provided us with the tools so students could succeed. She is a great teacher a role model someone that really cares about education. My son loved to get to her classroom, he was eager to learn and he enjoyed to stay after school with the robotic class. To this day my son talks about the awesome teacher he had in first grade, the one that waked up the interest in science in him the one that inspired him to be a scientist. She was kind enough to meet my son in Disneyland so he could take a picture with her. I'm thankful to Mrs. Garcia because she planted a seed in my son that has grown and that now I see blooming when my son says I can be anything if work hard. Everything is possible the sky is the limit.

Gael Serrillo

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