Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Walters has been amazing since day one. My student loved her since day one. She made him enjoy going to school every day. She made learning fun. With all that has happened in this school year she never gave up. As we traveled in the unknown of schools being shut down. I'm not sure she even batted an eye. She kept in contact with her students and continued to teach daily from her home. She still made it fun. I've never met a teacher so involved in her class and show such compassion to everyone of her students. From classroom to remote learning she was there doing what she loves to do. I imagine that all the kids enjoy being in her class. She makes learning seem easy and encourages all of her students. And most of all she instilled confidence in each of them. And she also wants to know each child. She understands that no two children are the same. She lets their individually shine. We will miss her come next year and she has set the standard high for future teacher's.

Jase Puckett

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