Student Nomination Story

Miss Titus has went above and beyond this year to make sure that the kids she taught, have been taken care of. She has been exemplary in keeping us parents informed during these difficult times with the coronavirus going around. She has made packets up to make sure they stay busy and keep us up to date with all school news, including lunch pickups for the children. Her compassion for teaching, shines through her students. My son Elijah looks forward to coming home to tell me all that he has learned from her. To me, this is what teaching is all about. Making the children feel empowered by learning, and to be confident. To enjoy going to school. These are all qualities Miss Titus possesses. I already know it's going to be hard for my son to move on to 1st grade, as he really has created an unbreakable bond with Miss Titus. Even if she doesn't win, she is the teacher of the year in my book. I'm sure other students' parents feel the same. I could not ask for a more caring and compassionate teacher for my son.

Elijah Greenberg

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