Student Nomination Story

I would like to nominate my teacher, Ms. Forgarty. I really do feel like over these past two years since she became my teacher. I did really noticed a big change in me in a really good way. I can't really thank you enough for everything she has done to me and other students. I did really felt she has really made me a better version of my self. She really made me much stronger in my life and she really taught me that I can't change other people only myself self and she has taught me how to communicate in a much better way if I do have any problems with anyone. She has taught me to always believe in my self and to always follow my dreams and to Naver give up. Ms. Forgarty really cares so much about her students she has really taught me a lot over these past two years. She really helped us to be prepared and how to have the most amazing and perfect skills to get a job. I really felt like she has really changed my life and other students' life in a really great way. I do really highly recommend anyone if they are willing to do to this program. That they should for sure join it because they are going to learn a lot and to gain many skills with this amazing teacher, Ms.fogarty.

Liliana Ilayian

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