Student Nomination Story

Mr. Wieben is such an amazing teacher. He explains everything so that it is easy to understand for every student. If we do not understand something such as making noise on our instruments or getting a note, he takes his time to explain and make sure that problem is fixed. He knows music and instruments and ALWAYS tells us tips and ways to keep our instruments in shape.

Eden Nicolaysen

I am currently a student of Erik Wieben and have been amazed at how well he has taught us! From day one he has been a great teacher and has shown us how to play our instruments. He is very enthusiastic about his job and is not afraid to tell us what we need to correct and change. I have had music teachers in the past and none of them have been as good as Mr. Wieben. He finds ways to make us learn in a fun creative way. I have no idea how to express my ever-expanding gratitude to this man. He has never yelled or gotten mad at us. He is all around a great teacher.

Kai Hansen

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