Student Nomination Story

When you walk into Mr. Varrelmann’s Auto classroom, (also known as Mr. V) you will see a passionate person who is eager to show students what he loves to do...working on cars. When you first meet him, you will immediately relate to him because his personality is more like a teenager’s. He is the teacher that acts the most like us. Whenever he is making a joke, he is telling someone they are pissing them off. He likes to joke around with students throughout the class making it an enjoyable environment. After my first class with Mr. V, my day became better knowing I will learn knowledge from a Master Mechanic. If I had to describe Mr. V in a few words, they would either be the older brother or a father. He is 100% relatable and whenever you go into his class, he is like a father willing to try to teach us. He gives others extra lessons because they are willing and want to learn. I say an older brother because when he is talking to you or teaching a lesson, he talks in that older brother type of way. He is not afraid to use tough love, but he cares and wants to teach us. Mr. V is simply an approachable and honest teacher. He uses demos so that we can understand and keep the information (that way we don’t rack our brain trying to understand what he is teaching). He also thinks of ways to make class fun so we will like to learn what he is teaching us. This makes the information stick in our minds better and so we can use it later in life when our car has issues.

Bradley Kronberg

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