Student Nomination Story

Every student has a favorite teacher. They care enough to listen, give advice, or bring something new to the table. They open our eyes, or minds, or both, to new ideas. I happen to have that teacher. Now having a great teacher is a rare and wonderful thing. Now throw that teacher in a jail classroom, a place where all you see are orange jumpsuits and metal doors, a place where you aren't allowed pencils, staples, paper clips or pen caps. A place where there is an officer in the room and cameras record your every movement and word. Yet, this teacher comes in each day with a smile, a kind word, and treats us like people instead of animals. He jokes with us and relates our world to the lessons. He teaches us equations, global issues, verbs, water cycles, cells, and compare and contrast essays. But he also teaches us to keep our word, make better choices, and discover skills to use once we get released. He stresses that we are more than inmates, we are young people who made mistakes. There isn't an eraser for our mistakes, but they are in the past and Mr. Delahoyde tells us to focus on the positive and our future. Mr. D drills that into our heads as he does math formulas and history facts. Book information is great, life information is better, and he provides both, and all in a jail setting. Everybody, including inmates and CO's cant wait to get out each day, Mr. D can't wait to get inside. He is early every single day for us. He comes with a great attitude and a lot of knowledge. He has helped several of us pass parts of our HSE and several have received their full HSE diplomas. Mr. Delahoyde deserves all the respect and recognition in the world for all he does...and the difficult place he does it all.


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