Student Nomination Story

Imagine someone helped you discover a hidden talent or passion. Naturally, you would want to thank them, perhaps look up to them; you’d like to show your appreciation. For me, that person is Emily Pope, my ninth grade literature and English teacher. Ms. Pope was a positively great teacher for me! I probably had the best time in her class, at least compared towards my other classes, and I was always excited for whenever I had her class. I frankly believe Ms. Pope also taught me more than she bargained for. From her class, I learned and gained many new skills and academic abilities. Without what I got from Ms. Pope and her class, I would have not been able to rise to an “A” average student by sophmore year. Furthermore, I discovered my talent and liking for writing from her class. At first I dreaded lessons that involved writing, but gradually I warmed up to writing through her creative assignments. I was able to figure out that not only do I kind of like to write, but also that I’m pretty good at it. I’ve already written a few poems, and I have inspiration for an original story. I’d definitely credit Ms. Pope to such works, and with my discovery of a new passion. In conclusion, Emily Pope is one of my favorite teachers to date, and her class was certainly worth appreciation. Ms. Pope, for helping me grow academically, personally, and as a writer, I hereby provide my thanks.

Briar Siress

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