Student Nomination Story

Ms. Marston has changed my life in many ways, she isn't just a wonderful teacher, she is a wonderful human being, she is kind to everyone she meets, she has a very kind, loving heart. Ms. Marston always sees the best in everyone and she pushes us to succeed academically and in life, she has this smile that lights up any room she walks in, she is the most genuine, honest, kind, loving, inspirational person I've ever met. Ms. Marston is in my mind and a lot of my peers' mind the best teacher by far. She also has this personality that no one else has; she is energetic, she is always happy, she is very sentimental, she has a lot of integrity and loyalty to others. Ms. Marston has so much compassion for others, and is so passionate in what she does. Ms. Marston is the most beautiful, loving, loyal person I've ever met! This is why I am nominating Ms. Marston for this award.

Jenna Brummer

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