Student Nomination Story

My nomination for teacher the year for Mrs Frizzell Day, is because she is that teacher that every kid deserves to have. She is the most caring, compassionate, loving, understanding, i could go on and on about all of her wonderful traits. The way she inspires kids to learn and makes it fun while shes at it is what makes her such a amazing teacher. My son went from being very anxious about school and learning, to absolutely loving learning and is a star student now. This transformation happened from September to now and there is no doubt in my mind its 100% because of Mrs Frizzell Day. As a parent I have volunteered in her classroom, and having been in other classrooms with both my children, seeing how Mrs Frizzell Day manages her classroom i felt truly amazed. When I think of teacher of the year I think this person should be someone who puts the kids before everything else, and takes pride in teaching. This person should love each student equally, and do everything in their power to see each child succeed. With no doubt in my mind Emily Frizzell Day is this person, and TOTALLY deserves an honor like this.

Ethan Hale

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