Student Nomination Story

During this pandemic, Miss Rivero has been a source of hope, happiness and outlet for Dylan. She has always been a wonderful teacher, and has impacted my son this year in so many ways. Miss River is genuinely caring and goes above and beyond daily to ensure our students continue to thrive and learn. She works with student that need more help individually as wells has helps parents cope with this uncertain time. Many times I would send her a text on class dojo to help with coaching Dylan. As a first year teacher, Miss Rivero is absolutely doing an amazing job. She works hard to engage the our class 1R, and focuses on the kids socio-emotional well being as well as learning. I can tell she authentically cares, Miss Rivero goes above and beyond daily to work with the kids. She has impacted my son in such a positive way, I am grateful we have her.

Dylan Jaipal

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