Student Nomination Story

Ms. Linn-Paris has done so much for all of her students during and before distance learning. Last week, she put on a different colored mustache each day to make us laugh and to be funny. Last year, before distance learning, she would hold seminars for her 5th grade classical history class. She would give topics and we would talk about them. These sessions helped me understand the material so much better because talking through the material with others has allowed me to remember and retain the information better. Ms. Linn-Paris has special training called Safe Space training. It is extra training for some teachers who wants to help create a more accepting space for LGBTQ+ students. It is nice knowing that LGBTQ+ students can talk to her about anything that might be happening. At the beginning of the school year last year, she had us fill out a form that asked us what pronouns we wanted her to use, and which name we wanted to be called. It was very nice knowing she cared about what our gender identities are, as well as everything else. She had a bookshelf in the back of her classroom and whenever we had finished an assignment, she would let us read books from it. During distance learning, she wasn't here for the first part of the year, but once she came back, we all were very happy to see her again. Whenever we would private chat her about anything, she would always be there and would respond to whatever we had said, whether it was a question, or we just wanted to say hi!

Greta Greaves

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