Student Nomination Story

Personally, I've always been interested in foreign languages and I believe that Mrs. Oyama contributed to my interest. In eighth grade, I decided to take Japanese as my foreign language and I've been continuing ever since. As every one of her student knows, Mrs. Oyama, better known as Oyama-sensei, is one of the best faculty members on campus. She teaches so that students understand the language and fully grasp the grammar pattern. Not only that, if she realizes that a student needs extra help, she would offer to tutor the student or advise the students to go to after school tutoring if she thinks that the student would be more comfortable with a upperclassmen tutor. When I first started Japanese, I struggled to keep up with a language that was so similar to Korean yet so different. Eventually, I was able to keep up and I received all A's in her class. I have only Oyama-sensei to thank for my skills in the Japanese language today. Not only is Oyama-sensei helpful in Japanese, but she is one of the most approachable teachers on campus. If someone in her class has a problem, they are most likely to go talk to Oyama-sensei because they trust her. She listens to your problems and is willing to help you in any way she can. I haven't seen any other Japanese language teachers, but without doubt, Oyama-sensei is the best Japanese language teacher to me.

Holly Cho

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