Student Nomination Story

Fourth hour at Arrowhead High School is my favorite. The joy of walking into the school’s coffee shop is something I look forward to. The first person to greet me is Mrs. Dlobik, the manager of the shop as well as a special education teacher. Whether it’s, “Hi Keegan, how was your weekend?” or “How are you doing?” I look forward to my daily philosophy conversations. She is the most caring person I have met and is never in a bad mood. She taught me how to think vertically instead of horizontally. She helps me focus on living in the moment and what is present and be positive in every situation, don’t dwell on the past and future. She is like my second mother. One specific day stands out. I received a parking ticket from our deputy for parking in the wrong lot. I had a permanent frown on my face for the rest of the day, but that changed during fourth hour. I walk in and exclaim, “Mrs. Dlobik, I got a parking ticket this morning!” Immediately she goes, “Oh no! I’m gonna go talk to him right now and see what I can do.” Without hesitation, she sacrificed her time to help me. As I sit in the shop, sipping my usual coffee with french vanilla creamer, she comes in and tells me, “I have good news. All you have to do is go talk to him and he will remove it.” I was in awe. I hopped out of my chair and walked down to his office and discussed the situation and sure enough, the ticket got dropped. I came back and thanked her. I walked into the shop and she me a big hug and says, “Oh don’t worry about it. You are a great kid. You don’t deserve a ticket.” The world needs more people like Ms. Dlobik—caring, happy, always positive. She carries this same energy everywhere she goes. It does not surprise me that we have one of the best special education programs and school coffee shops in the state—look who we have working in it. A mother-like figure who teaches me the proper way to think and approach life, Ms. Dlobik is truly a blessing. I am very fortunate I get to see her everyday fourth hour. School would not the same without her.

Keegan O'Toole

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