Student Nomination Story

Mr. Kummerer has been the highlight of many school careers, including mine. He always takes into account the feelings of his students. In fact, before class daily he is known to ask his students what is going on and how everyone is feeling. His classroom is a safe place for students and a calming environment. Not only is he caring and helpful, he is a one of a kind educator. Mr. Kummerer is inventive in his lesson plans, and maintains the academic rigor craved by many students. Mr. Kummerer often goes out of his way to ensure the success of his students, for instance, I once came into class worried about an AP Statistics exam. Mr. Kummerer, my economics teacher, offered to help me study for this exam, which in turn helped me pass the test and maintain my grade for the quarter. Without his kindness and generosity to help me study, I believe I would not have passed. He is also immensely inspiring, my sister who had him as her economics teacher senior year decided to earn her college degree from South Dakota State University in economics. She chose to do this because of Mr. Kummerers teaching, which was kind, inspiring, educational, and creative. He always pushes for participation in class, a lot of the time through educational games! These have always been so much fun, while making a new, difficult, concept much easier to grasp. Even in recent times, with all the changes due to Covid-19 and the switch to online learning Mr. Kummerer has kept mine and many other spirts high. His communication and ability to keep class interesting is unmatched. I believe Mr. Kummerer is the perfect candidate for Honored because he is an exceptional teacher, mentor, and leader.

Jennie Martinez

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