Student Nomination Story

School has always been hard for my son. Most of the time he is scared, has anxiety, and is bullied for his learning disabilities and autism. He has struggled with school all his life. Chandler once spoke to me about quitting school, and to a parent this is truly heartbreaking. Mr. Davis became Chandler’s teacher in high school. This was also the time I started to notice a change in my son. Mr. Davis has gone out of his way to help navigate school and successful learning for my son. Because of Mr. Davis, my son now has a safe place to go when he has anxiety attacks. There were times where my son would call me crying from the copy room or bathroom. He was struggling to breath and crying. Anxiety is crippling for some. I spoke to Mr. Davis and Mr. B about this and Mr. Davis came up with the idea, each teacher has an envelope on the desk with Chandler's name on it. When Chandler has an anxiety attack he can grab it and go to Mr. Davis and work on school. This is a great solution. It doesn't give Chandler a free pass to run, it gives him an escape to a safe place and allows him to still be productive. It also gets Chandler thinking about what caused the anxiety and how we can fix this in the future. Problem solving skills is what is needed and what is being taught here. These life lessons are priceless. Last year when school shut down, Chandler struggled with distance learning. Mr. Davis called to check on my son multiple times. Who does that? He does, because he cares. Mr. Davis was able to help Chandler as he is not the best with computers for online learning. A couple of times this year Chandler had been hospitalized for mental health. Mr. Davis made returning to school so much easier on him. He has stayed in contact with all teachers and helped Chandler get caught up in not just his class but also all of Chandler’s classes. Mr. Davis has always had wonderful communication with me, a worried mother. This has been a tremendous stress relief. I can say I honestly believe he cares for my son just as much as I do! He is always looking for ways to better help Chandler with any life struggles and school work. To say Mr. Davis goes the extra mile is an understatement! Eldon School District hit the jackpot when they hired Mr. Davis! Mr. Dylan Davis, I am confident my son will graduate next year with his classmates and you are a huge part of his success. Thank you for working so well with us. Thank you for caring so much about the children you work with. You passion for your career certainly shines through. You make us proud to be a Mustang!! Sincerly, Tanita Jeffries


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