Student Nomination Story

I'm nominating Dustin Cornelius because a great teacher is compassionate, understanding, selfless, enthusiastic, and allows themselves to be accessible at all times. A great teacher knows that sometimes providing an education isn't enough they also provide a helping hand and they instill a belief that you are more than just a student to them, you are an extension of their family. Dustin Cornelius is the definition of what a great teacher should be. I have been out of high school for 8 years and never had Mr. Cornelius but I spent many hours after school in his class and so did a lot of other students as well. If we needed life advice, help in a class, or just to talk, he would be there with a smile and an open mind even if that meant getting home late. He is involved in more than school organizations, he is involved with community services, charities, his faith, and as of recent live streaming and making videos providing an outlet for his students effected by COVID-19. I am nominating Mr. Cornelius not just because of all community service or students life's he makes a difference in but because he deserves to be recognized for his truly selfless actions he takes everyday to make a difference in someone's life. At the end of the day a great educator does more than teach a subject they teach you how to be the best person you can be. Dustin does just that.

Tony Brooks

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