Student Nomination Story

Mr. Calabro impacts me everyday in many different ways. Mr. Calabro impacted me personally because he always makes sure that I am on task and setting a example for younger kids. For example, if I am off task and talking when I am not supposed to, Mr. Calabro will have a side conversation and tell me "I know you can be better than that." This impactes me because he helps me stay on task and keeps me on the path to getting into Harvard university. Also, Mr. Calabro inspires me to accomplish my dreams because of his energy and excitement to teach us everyday no matter how sick he might be. Mr. Calabro will tell me "you can be anything in life as long as you have an education." That is really inspiring to me and all of the rest of my class because he is inspiring me to be a teacher or something better in life. Last but certainly not least, Mr. Calabro inspires me academically . He inspires me in this way because he helps everyone if they don't understand a problem no matter which subject it is. For example , if you don't understand a multiplication problem he will do about as many problems as it takes step by step until you understand. He inspires me and everyone else he teaches because Mr. Calabro is really a trail blazer and I truly wish that everyone had a wonderful teacher like him.

Blessing's Miles

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