Student Nomination Story

My teacher Mrs. Snow was the greatest teacher I’ve had in school. Mrs. Snow helped me so much when I was in middle school. I went to DuPont Tyler Middle Prep and I had Mrs. Snow for eighth grade. She always helped me and others with her boldness and kindness. The way she taught us was the best way a teacher could teach. Mrs. Snow helped me with my academics and with any emotional problems I had. Ever since I have had Ms. Snow, she has changed the way I see many things. When I was her student she would always teach me the best way possible. She taught me in a way where I could understand her and I would always ask questions and she would answer in the best way so I could understand. So far I have not seen or met any other teacher compared to Mrs. Snow. The whole year I had her was always great and I always loved and wanted to be in her classroom. I never had any problems with her because she would always do things right. She was always fair to other students and gave us rewards every time we did things well. I always tried to do my best in her class so she would be proud of me. She always kept me going if I couldn’t get something in her class, like a math problem. She changed my life so much and always was there for me. I really hope she is doing fine and hope she keeps up her wonderful teaching skills.

Ademar Vera

Mrs. Snow helped to ease everyone’s mind that came through the door on the first day of school. She introduced herself and talked to the whole class about how our class was special since we were the first ones at DuPont Tyler Middle School to do Integrated Math 1. Everyone was excited to get started on the computers and to learn what to expect with this new class. Our whole class had gotten started setting up for the beginning of Integrated Math 1. While setting it up, the whole class struggled. Because it was online, it made it so much worse and the whole class was getting frustrated as the class went on. Mrs. Snow helped a lot and most of the class got over being frustrated. She was a wonderful teacher and helped the whole class with their work even when she didn’t need to because we had an online teacher. Mrs. Snow was a great teacher overall and everything she did helped get me through Integrated Math 1, the hardest class I had. I will never get over how helpful, understanding, wonderful, and nice Mrs. Snow was. She is, and will continue to be, my favorite teacher.

Tniyah Davis

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