Student Nomination Story

Mr. Thornburg has done a lot for the high school. He is the Ag shop teacher for Woodlake High School and is an FFA advisor. He does both jobs for the price of one. He works weekends so that we students can be highly involved in FFA and the community. There are so many weekends of rest he has given up just so the students of Woodlake High School can do extra things. He gives up his spare time in order to coach the FFA teams. He took almost every day last week (2/1/22-2/3/22) to get his students ready for the state competition. He took a lot of time to prepare us for it. It didn't matter if we won or not, he was proud of us. He didn't know we were going to win but he brought us ice cream to show us how proud he was of us for competing. Mr. Thornburg is one of the most hardworking teachers I know. He has never once given up on his students and even goes through more than he has to in order to help students out. He constantly reminds us of how proud he is of us students just so we don't forget. I am a very new student in his shop class since I am on the plant pathway and not the shop pathway. He has had a lot of patience in showing a few other students and me what everything does and how to keep safe in the shop. He will take time out of his personal days in order to ensure his students get the best experiences while we are enrolled in the high school. He works hard every day, puts effort into his job, is there for his students in whatever they need, and overall is just a wonderful teacher and person. He has taught his students a lot. He has taught me a lot and I feel as if I am ready for college because of the wisdom he has given me. I have never met such a wonderful teacher so I knew I had to nominate him.

Mellissa L. Johnson

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