Student Nomination Story

I would like to nominate Mrs. Dina Colegrove. Mrs. Colegrove has been an educator for 26 years, serving 22 of those years at Essrig Elementary School. She has a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Early Childhood Education. I have known Mrs. Colegrove since 2020 and she has been both my children's math teacher. She was Teacher of the year 2020-2021. The resources, availability and help that she has provided us with during these years has been absolutely amazing. Mrs. Colegrove has not only been both my children's teacher but her knowledge and support has been influential in navigating the challenges that have arisen during her classroom instruction. She has been available to communicate and suggest strategies that have made a huge impact in their class performance. The most influential teachers encourage and help every student become the best they can be! Mrs. Colegrove allows students to feel safe and respected in the classroom, modeling an example that reflects on other students as well. You are greeted to her class by a sign that says "Mathematics may not teach us how to add love or minus hate. But it gives us hope that every problem has a solution". She embraces this quote with such passion that the only possible outcome is a class filled with kindness and compassion. We would know this first hand, the love and acceptance that we have felt by all my sons classmates is proof that something is being done the right way! Mrs. Colegrove is the math teacher for "3rd grade Quad" at Essrig Elementary. A group of teachers that exchange ideas and truly care for their students is nothing but an example that change can happen when all parties are working towards a common goal. Teamwork and communication are the principles that lead this group where she is an essential component. There is no doubt in my mind that other parents share this same sentiment. Mrs. Colegrove influence in my son's social and academic progress has been outstanding. Mrs. Colegrove is an exceptional math educator that impacts the life of her students in every way. She has left an impression in our lives. She is not only a teacher but a friend, a supporter, a model, an example,... I am wholeheartedly convinced that she deserves to be recognized. Her learning environment is filled with love and kindness!

Ian Alexander Graham

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