Student Nomination Story

My daughter Isa and I would like to nominate the most giving, passionate, and proactive teacher to have graced our lives. There are so many amazing teachers out there but only one Dianne Boyer. There is no stop to her efforts and drive to impact her students - demanding their best while surrounding them with endless compassion. Dianne is an art teacher here in Pennsylvania for Union Canal Elementary School but she doesn't stop there! Dianne also volunteers her time, money, and passion into an after-school art club for kids in fifth grade who show a passion and drive for art. She provides a meal, supplies, artistic challenges, and most importantly herself. Art can be overlooked in elementary school even though the arts have been shown to boost creativity, classroom engagement, improved self esteem and confidence, collaboration, and focus. Like art, elementary teachers can be overlooked despite the fact that they shape our early foundation of what school is and our ideas of what we can aspire to. Art clubs are typically more middle and high school focused, but not with Dianne. She knows the importance of pouring into and seeing children, and she takes this group of kids and preps them for life ahead, all while making it seem like a simple art class. By seeing what they can do and building on their gifts she prepares them not only for their next artistic expressions, but also by equipping them with the skills of confidence, hard work, dedication, and communication. She keeps the kids motivated and accountable. Dianne sees the whole child and tries to reach them however is best as opposed to the one-size-fits-all method, which is both demanding of her time and rewarding to her students. She is a trusted confidant whose opinion and help is sought out in times of school and bus trouble, bullies, and new art ideas. My daughter has grown so much under her wise and witty tutoring that my mom heart explodes in gratitude. Isa struggles with confidence, fitting in, and being challenged. In this past year Dianne has really seen my daughter, talking to her with straight forward honesty and compassion, and as a result both Isa's artistic talents and personal growth have expanded. When you are getting ready to send your child into the chaotic world of middle school you need all the build-up and outside support you can get, and we have found that again and again in Dianne Boyer. It's not often someone comes into your life and loves and encourages your child outside of family and friends but that's what Dianne does - she loves on, encourages, and challenges your child like you would you if you could be there. Having that kind of support in the classroom and having that as a role model at a young age is life changing, in all aspects of school, home, and how we see serving our community. This change is exactly what Dianne has done - she has changed our lives - boldly and permanently. Thank you.

Isabella Tinsley

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