Student Nomination Story

For context, Dr. Siliezar is the chair of the BHS science department, my Advanced Placement Biology teacher, and science fair mentor. I chose to nominate Dr. Siliezar for this award because she is a one-in-a-million individual: to me she has been more than just a teacher. She is a role model, and even a friend to me, and her actions have gone above and beyond to change my life. Dr. Siliezar treats everyone in class with respect and professionalism, inside and outside the classroom. She was always there to help and support me, not just with academic matters, but with personal matters too. I remember one day I was feeling very anxious about several things in my life, and she checked in on me after class to make sure I was okay. She truly made me feel like I was part of a community. Being in Dr. Siliezar’s AP biology class has made me a more self-confident and capable student for the future. Dr. Siliezar’s class made biology feel like the field of science I knew, loved, and dreamed about experiencing. Biology is one of my favorite subjects to this date, and I extend much of that gratitude to Dr. Siliezar. She is a unique teacher who knows how to engage students inside and outside the classroom, and who genuinely cares for her students. Her teaching methods appeal to my learning style, and she acknowledges my intellectual curiosity, desire to challenge myself, and creativity in the classroom. Academically, she took our intellect seriously and nurtured the enhancement of critical thinking and deeper learning. Her immersive methods (less focus on lecturing and note taking, more focus on videos, labs, group work, and projects) took my interest in biology and genetics to the next level and prepared me for a potential research career. She was always there for her students to ask questions, whether it be in class, after school, or even during study periods. She even connected me to resources with her colleagues; professors at Brown University, to secure me a research position that enabled me to discover a love of bioinformatics and create a software that impacts the scientific community, currently in the process of publication. Dr. Siliezar's teaching methods have highly appealed to my intellectually curious nature as a student, and fueled my interest in biology. I became more confident to ask deeper questions in class and make connections to subjects beyond the scope of the curriculum. I have learned countless disciplines and made many memories in Dr. Siliezar's class, and I am confident she is the best qualified teacher I know to receive this award.

Ariadne Dulchinos

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