Student Nomination Story

Ms. G. (or "Cheesy" as the kids affectionately call her) made a huge impact on my son. He is excited about reading, math and science! He loves the experience of school. I credit this largely to the strict (as my son says) and compassionate way that Ms. G. recognizes and hears each of her students with amazing ability. Ms. G has an amazing talent and has found the career where she seems in her element. Ms. G seems highly interested and engaged with her students. She knows exactly where each student is at academically and spends quality time with each of them. Many times I saw her have to repeat a lesson or rework the method so that the children would remain interested and learning. Ms. G. has changed my son's life by recognizing and working with his sensory processing diagnosis. Without her guidance, I would not have even known about sensory processing issues. I feel tremendous gratitude for Ms. G. and feel that she deserves this award because she has truly found her calling in life as a teacher.

Rigley Heller

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