Student Nomination Story

This man really changed my life. I wasn't the best student. I was mischievous, lazy, and stubborn; all things a 13 shouldn't be. Mr. McDonald was my teacher for all subjects and he would seem struggle. So, he told me he believed in me. It wasn't that I lacked knowledge, it was just that I didn't believe in myself (because no one else did.) So, Mr. McDonald and I sat down and talked. He said, "Abel I'm going to push you, alright, because I believe in you, and I know you can do it." After that conversation he had me doing 20 pushups every time I acted out of line. I truly believed it helped me because by the end of the semester I was an A-B student, which was smelting I had never achieved before. I was finally proud of myself and others were too.

Abel Gerardo Saldivar

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