Student Nomination Story

My name is Morgan Gonzalez and I am a Junior at Andrean High School in Merrillville, IN. I am a transfer student this year. I knew Coach Tinner when he worked at my previous high school and was so glad that he was going to be my teacher at my new school. Coach Tinner is a very hard working person who goes above and beyond for every single one of his students and athletes. He is an Assistant Football Coach as well as the Head Track Coach here at Andrean. As a former student-athlete of Andrean High School, Coach Tinner knows the challenges that we all face here. My biggest challenge transferring to Andrean High School was the fact that I knew less than a handful of students at my new school. Coach Tinner made sure that I felt comfortable in class and had introduced me to many of his students. I feel that Coach Tinner is a special teacher because he goes above and beyond with his students. As a physical education teacher in weightlifting, it is important to make sure your students have proper technique before trying exercises on their own. He takes the time to work with every student. After school, Coach Tinner can always be found in the weight room willing to help those students that need the extra help and making sure his athletes are getting the proper training they need to excel. At my old school I was on the cheer squad and track team. When I came to Andrean I knew Coach Tinner was the Head Track Coach and wanted to make sure I was a part of his team. I know some of his former athletes and they have all been successful and attribute their success to Coach Tinner’s training. He still keeps in contact with his former athletes and helps them with training when they ask. He has made the effort to go and watch his former athletes who play college football and run college track. He is very dedicated to everyone he coaches. Coach Tinner always stresses that we should do our best and to be committed to what we do. I am grateful for Coach Tinner because he has taken the time to make me feel welcomed in my new school. He has worked with me to get better form in weightlifting that will help with my track season. When I approached Coach Tinner about also running sprints for track I honestly thought he would tell me that I would not be able to since they would not let me run at my old school. To my surprise Coach told me that he would be more than happy to work with me and make sure I had the proper training that was needed to run sprints. This made me so happy and has made me want to work harder. I honestly love my new school and look forward to going to school every day. My grades have greatly improved from my old school because I now feel I have the confidence to do better and want to succeed in everything I do. My goal is to work hard enough to be able to do track at the collegiate level. I know Coach Tinner has had great success in getting his athletes to the next level and I am looking forward to working with him to get to that level. I know Coach Tinner as a very selfless person who dedicates his own time and money in helping his students. I think it would be a great honor to award him through your organization.

Morgan Gonzalez

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