Student Nomination Story

To whom it may concern, My name is Tatiana Nieto and I am a single mother of an 8th grader Emilio Contreras he is in a special education class. Before I met Mrs. Jimenez I was stressed all the time thinking I will receive a call from the school regarding my son's behavior I was desperate at times not knowing what to do. My biggest challenge was not knowing my son's behavior in school. I felt like I was not involved, and I did not feel I had a connection with the teacher to help my son. I felt like I was failing and without hope. Then something wonderful happened my son moved to a new school where we met Mrs. Jimenez a wonderful teacher full of lovingkindness, she has made a big difference in my son's life and mine by facilitating such a positive learning environment where my son has learned to open up, to write better, new skills and the most important to trust himself motivating him that he is capable do things and accomplish his goals. Thanks to her patience with the students and the way she cares for them it is something I will always cherish. I want to thank her for all she has done for my son, for taking the time he needs to understand things and giving him help when he doesn’t understand. Mrs. Jimenez is an inspiration to the students she is humble, respectful, energetic and the passion she has to teach her students to succeed it is something to admire. Therefor, she is so special to me, and I feel like she needs recognition. One of the things that she told me and make me continue to move forward and not give up is That I am doing a great job as a Mom and to not give up. Whenever I struggle with my son, she is always there finding resources and the most important communicating constantly regarding my son. I hope Mrs. Jimenez receives the recognition she deserves. Mrs. J has no idea how grateful I am for all the hard work and the loving kindness she has given to my family. The school has a great team and I hope it continues the way it is in case there are other mothers struggling like me. I feel like Emilio now has someone to look up to and Mrs. Jimenez is a great example of an Educator that cares for students and is there to do her job she is a great asset to Orangeview JHS. Best regards, Tatiana Nieto

Emilio Contreras

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