Student Nomination Story

Prior to meeting Mrs. Hunter, I knew that she was very energetic and the definition of an extrovert. Basically speaking, she was the opposite of me. However, once I started her class, I noticed that although she's an extrovert, she's incredibly caring, humorous, and creative. Sophomore year was a tough year for me since that was when I took my very first AP class and I other personal problems. When I confided with Mrs. Hunter regarding my stress, she gave me great advice and she lightly joked around to prevent me from getting emotional, which I appreciated. Mrs. Hunter is a great person to confide in and she's also a very respected English teacher. She's been known to have a fun teaching style with all the projects and assignments she incorporates into her curriculum. For example, she had students rewrite a script for the modern version of one of the Canterbury Tales. Although I usually hate performances and humiliating myself by acting, this was the first presentation/play I actually enjoyed participating in.

Holly Cho

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