Student Nomination Story

Last year, Eleanor Rose was a nervous 4 year old girl who started school early to let her mama heal from cancer. She was going through a lot a home, with long hospital stays for her mom and the family moving in with the grandparents. Separating from her mom to go to school caused anxiety and tears day after day. The only comfort to her was knowing that she could snuggle with and be loved by Mrs. Davis at school. Mrs. Davis was a safe landing space for Eleanor. In Hamlin, students get to stay with their same class and teacher for 3 years. The stability of that gave Eleanor the confidence to return to school this year with a new attitude. Knowing Mrs. Davis is a good listener, soft-spoken, and understanding, gives Eleanor the assurance she needs to grow and even take the lead. We are very grateful for Mrs. Davis for making one of the most difficult years of our lives a little sweeter for Eleanor Rose.

Eleanor Clement

It’s my son’s first year of school and Ms. Davis has been so patient and kind with him. She has helped my son ease into the transition from home to school. He loves school and can’t wait to go everyday. Teachers like her are rare and deserve the recognition. She truly loves and inspires these children everyday. We need more teachers like her.

Easton Clawson

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