Student Nomination Story

Moving to America filled me with a mix of emotions. Feelings of anticipation, apprehension, and anxiousness rushed through me as I arrived in my new country. My greatest challenge was the language barrier as I knew little English coming to the United States. When I first started learning English, the only way I could communicate with other children was nonverbal cues and the secret language my brother and I share. After a year of settling in America, my parents decided to search for a teacher who could help me learn English and this is when they met Mrs. Burich, an ESL teacher who would help me learn English in my early education. Within my first years at Lake Country School, she was the one teacher who impacted my life. Mrs. Burich worked with me. She devoted her time to teach me English. She never gave up on me and I am thankful for that. The first time I met Mrs. Burich was when I was enrolled in summer school at Lake Country School. She was the teacher who watched over me. Compassionate, nurturing and engaging are words to describe Mrs. Burich. She was like the sunshine poking through the clouds on a gray day. She had a contagious smile like she was super eager to teach me her language. One important story I will never forget was when I was going onto sixth grade. My parents informed me that my former ESL teacher, Mrs. Burch, moved up to teach sixth grade! Towards the end of that day I realized I would be with Mrs. Burich for another school year. Not only did Mrs. Burich move up to become a sixth grade teacher, but we knew we would be in the classroom together along with my twin brother which was a long fight to get that option for her. After a few years later, I received bad news about Mrs. Burich. She had been out of school due to a serious injury, from which she somewhat did not recover. Throughout my years in high school I continue to keep contact with Mrs. Burich as she will always hold a special place in my heart.

Zachary Keller

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