Student Nomination Story

Everyone talks about how teachers change their lives, but you never hear about one of the most important roles in the school systems; guidance counselors! It’s been hard enough for kids dealing with the pandemic, and remote learning. Unfortunately, my daughter has also had to deal with my having 7 emergency surgeries and going into septic 3 times. I was also so sick in November, so I spent the week of Thanksgiving in the hospital and with multiple organ failure. During this time, my daughter could have gone down the wrong path both socially and educationally, but Mrs. Mousley noticed as soon as Madison’s schoolwork and grades started to suffer. When Maddie acted out as a way to cope, Mrs. Mousley was right there to advocate for her!! She knew Maddie’s personality and the way she processes things because she truly listens to her students when they speak to her. She even goes beyond that and supports us parents by letting us know she’s there for us to! This amazing, strong woman deserves all the accolades in the world. Sincerely, Tanya Minichino

Madison Minichino

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