Student Nomination Story

My whole life up until 6th grade I hated school I never wanted to get up in the morning and go but I did it anyways. When I met him all of my friends and I though he was scary and when we were 2 months into the year we were doing harder stuff so he pushed us more and more and educated us harder. The fact of him pushing us to do stuff made me succeed more and more towards the end of the year. I grew as a person last year because I succeed more and got pushed to do stuff I had to believe in my self that I can do what I need to do. So it worked I got all of my missing stuff done in the few weeks and every day from now on I think 6th grade was the best year of my life and now I love school and I think it's great to go to school. At the end of the year last year I was looking to visit him in his classroom in the mornings so I can say hi but then I found out I was moving and I was kinda mad but I finally got over it and excepted it cause it's not the and of the world and I'm going to see him again sometime.

Kayla Wittry

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