Student Nomination Story

My name is Halle Ames. You might hear of other teachers that where "fun" and "nice" but Mr. Black goes above and beyond. I love Mr. Black. He has already inspired me in the best way possible. He keeps me on task, and he is very fun. Going into 7th grade, history was a subject that I found very uninteresting. But, then Mr. Black came into my life. He had already been nominated for awards before this, but I think he deserves more. Not only does he teach us Social Studies, but he teaches us how to be a good human being. He teaches the boys to be polite towards girls, and let them go first, he will never tolerate bulling in any way! He teaches us to be kind and respectful to our elders, especially veterans. At the very beginning of the year, he gave us all a sheet of paper. On it, he wanted us to write things about ourselves. Yes, I know, many teachers do this, but this one was... special. It asked basic questions at first, like "what are your strengths and weaknesses in school?" but then it said, "how can I help you with those weaknesses?" There was another question, "what are your goals for this year?" and below it said, "how can I help you achieve these goals?" I thought that was very pleasant to know, he is willing to help. At the very end of the paper, there was a optional question, it read "Is there anything personal you want to share with me, something that is going bad in your life, and is there a way that I can make it better?" I loved the fact he wanted to know our problems, and help figure them out. He also tells us about many stories and experiences he has had with students. One story he told was about how a kid in one of his classes wanted to wrestle VERY badly, but his family didn't have the money to pay for him to do the things he loved. So, Mr. Black paid for it. He paid his own money for a child to play the sport he loved. He does multiple fundraisers, including the coat/hat drive, book drive, multiple food drives, and more. He told us about how he donates food, and supplies to other countries, and I find that very selfless of him. Even though he talks about his stories, he somehow always finds time to teach us what we need to learn, to the point where it all makes sense, and still making it, well.. enjoyable. I always look forward to going to his class. My absolute FAVORITE THING about Mr. Black. He will do anything for us. He always says, "I will bend over backwards for any of you," and I love that about him.. he will do absolutely anything for us. He will come to your house on the weekend, just to help you with something, even if it is not in his subject. On that beginning of the year paper, another question was, "what is your birthday?" Some kids found it weird that he wanted to know, so he explained. He said that when one of our birthdays roll around, he likes to bring you cupcakes. I think that the fact that he goes out of his way, to get a treat to celebrate a child's day of birth, even though he has barley known the person. I am so grateful for Mr. Black, because he is the best teacher I have ever had. Not only does he explain the subjects well, but he makes them fun. He participates in school activity's, like Halloween, he will have a Halloween costume and just be himself. I love that he cares. He cares about how things are not only going in school, but outside of school too. He cares that you're having a good day, a good week, a good year. I think that he just makes school better, and more fun for me. I know I am not the only student in our school that thinks either. I talked to people. MANY of them have said he was their favorite teacher, for various reasons. Thank you Mr. Black. You deserve the world. ❤

Halle Ames

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