Student Nomination Story

He is the best teacher ever and we as a class are working together to get him the award he deserves.

Audrey Leonard

He is the best teacher I've ever had and truly makes me want to learn. He just make it fun while still giving us a challenge.

Jake Hoelterhoff

They have taught me that learning can be fun but also very helpful. He is always very respectful to us and very helpful.

StellaMary Pascolla

Mr. Baker has changed my life immensely. When I first started history, I was pretty scared because I didn't know a lot about history, and everyone else seemed pretty smart. But Mr. Baker really helped me become stronger in history as well as kindness. As an assignment, we had to write a poem for history. But I didn't think I could make a good one. Mr. Baker kept on encouraging me, and with some help, I was able to get a 100% on the poem. So Mr. Baker is one of my most respected teacher, and I really feel that he should be a nominated teacher because it is what he truly deserves.

Jediael Chintha

Mr. Baker is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He teaches history, and previously, it's safe to say, I was not a big fan of that subject. I just saw history as something boring that didn't have any impact on my life (and I wasn't very good at it either). However, having Mr. Baker as my teacher fully made me change my opinion. Not only does he make me excited to come to class every day with his hilarious personality, but I also have started to enjoy the subject of history itself! I've realized how interesting it is, and am motivated to put in effort for studying, as well as participate in class (and my grades have improved). I even chose AP World History for one of my freshman electives! It takes a truly amazing teacher to make a student do a complete 180 on their view of a subject. As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Baker is really funny! He's constantly making jokes to make sure students don't get bored, and they're pretty good ones too! Some other things he does to make class engaging include putting morning announcements with fun facts (and allowing students to put their own facts), doing class discussions where lots of people contribute, and allowing us to share our projects if we want to. He doesn't overwork us with "busy work", either. He gives just enough homework to make sure we learn the subject, but doesn't overload us. Also, his summatives are fun to do, since they are usually not conventional tests. Instead, he gives us lots of projects and creative assignments incorporating what we have learned. For example, he once gave us a task to write poems about the Constitution (and we could present them)! To sum it up, not only does Mr. Baker have a great personality, creative teaching style, and an engaging class, but also managed to make me go from really disliking a subject to enjoying it! Thank you Mr. Baker for being such a great teacher!

Aarav Shah

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