Student Nomination Story

I am nominating Darcy Gruber because she has shaped and helped my son grow in so many ways. She helped him choose books that inspired him to grow as a reader as well as teach him that his hard work paid off regardless of where his starting off point was. She is so compassionate and has such a beautiful outlook on each child. Plus she is so humble. Today she showed me so much kindness and strength when I was saddened by my daughters writing ability(or lack of) and Darcy brought me up. She said "this is not sad, this is her and it shows us who she is and where she is so we can help her. " It nearly brought me to tears to see how positive she is and to know what a difference she is going to make in our daughters life. I have talked to other teachers in the school as well as other parents and we agree that she is one of the best teachers in the district!!!!

Addison terlunen

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