Student Nomination Story

Going into middle school, everything was intimidating. We were scared and Ms. Draa took time out of her personal day to help and talk to each of her students individually. She cares about each student and is the best teacher that I have ever had. If we don’t understand something, even if it’s for a class other than Design (that’s what she teaches) she will give up her time to help us with it and is always willing to go the extra mile for a student. She has written a book, taken kids from our school on trips throughout the country, started an art club in our school community, and makes events for the whole school.

Raleigh Williams

She is probably one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever had. Last year we had a project due that I was very stressed about. I figured out it was due the morning it was due and I was really stressed out. I came into home room that day and I told her what happened. Usually when someone from our homeroom has a project they store it in her room. I had all of the pieces printed out and I had the poster but it wasn’t together. Later that day I came in to her classroom and the poster was completely done and decorated. She said that fairies did it. Whenever a kid enters her classroom stressed or upset she helps them. I’ve learned so much from her class with a tiny fraction of the stress. Sometimes when she knows we have a lot of projects due she lets us take her class to just relax and calm down. She laughs with us and is so incredibly kind. I have been taught by her since kindergarten and I can safely say that she has shaped me into the person I am today.

Metta Judkins

Ms. Draa is a very good teacher, but she also helps us as students with projects and support. She always tells us to be calm about things and just do the work. Once, one of my friends was freaking out about a project she thought was due later, but she had everything she needed, eveything wasn’t glued down though. When she went to grab it before that class, everything was glued on.

Halle Robertson

My teacher was my art teacher until fifth grade when she became our design teacher. She is always doing stuff for us. There isn’t a teacher who could love her students more. She is our biggest helper, cheerleader, and supporter. I love her so much, she is one of the main reasons I haven’t given up. I love you Mrs. Draa thank you so much.


Ms. Draa is such an inspiring person, if she stands up for something she will put herself out there and make a change! Ms. Draa is very adventurous, and honestly when I grow up I want to be as adventurous as her! Ms. Draa helps so much, I remember a couple times when students didn’t have their homework or projects done, Ms. Draa used as much as time as she could in our short 20 minute home room to help them. Ms. Draa is also very creative, she doesn’t play by the rules she does her own thing and if someone doesn’t like it she keeps being herself, I feel like that’s how everyone should feel and being able to be taught by someone with a personality like that is honestly a blessing!

Lyla Jaynes

My teacher has really just helped me out a lot! She checks on me & she helps me if I’m having a bad day! And she is very supportive to all of her students!

Violet Kingsbury

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