Student Nomination Story

He is a great guy and he great at give life advices.

Ismena Banuelos

Teachers are meant to not only teach their students but also inspire them in their future careers. Mr. Villanueva has helped me a lot with my career. He has actually reignited my interest for becoming an Engineer and pursuing my career in Mechanical Engineering.

Gabriel Mendoza

This teacher has taught the fundamentals of engineering along side being a cool teacher. He has showed me how to fillet the edges of my drawings on AutoCAD as well as teach me how to utilize tan tan radius. Pretty good teacher.

Elizandro Fortuna

He has taught me a lot about engineering and has inspired me to continue on my career path.

Emely Hilario

Mr. Villanueva has helped me learn how to use engineering softwares to create 3D objects. He has told us that even if we find it difficult at the end we will enjoy looking back at what we have gone through.


Helps me out with work

Angel Camacho

He is an amazing teacher. We get to talk with him comfortably about anything.

Yesenia Polanco

My teacher taught me how to program engineering programs that are gonna help me with my career later on when start my real life job. It gonna make it easier for me to become a successful engineer

oscar gonzalez

He would always help his students out when they were stuck on his work. He would encourage and guide very well.

Juan Carlos Martinez Jr

Helping me accomplish my goals in engineering.


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