Student Nomination Story

At Amphi High School, Mr. Schneider teaches not only math, but also runs Computer Science classes that inspire students to become computer experts themselves. He is dauntless and cares about his students and their well being and is reflected when he utilizes his personal time in order to tutor students after school or be where he is needed. Besides being a teacher, he is a well rounded individual who radiates an aura that is often contagious to others surrounding him. His radiant personality is enough to possibly light up a whole town if it's not to lighten up someone who's having a bad day. He makes learning fun and it shows when the classroom is full and consider his class to be the one they are always anticipating and excited for. He has impacted my life by inspiring me to challenge the impossibilities as well as encouraged me to do what I love. I am currently perusing a BFA in Technical Theatre with an emphasis in Sound Engineering with many thanks to him. He found spare time in his day and picked up the role as the teacher for the school's theatre when no one would. In his spare time he is always thinking of his students and always offering resources. He spent his personal time organizing for us to see theatrical performances around town as well as helped many students acquire internships and attend workshops. These actions are significant to his students when there is such a high percentage of individuals that come from low income families at Amphi. He is a brilliant individual who continues to inspire and encourage his students to be the best and challenge the impossibilities.

Tina Nguyen

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