Student Nomination Story

I have never met a teacher in my 11 years of schooling that did more for me than my APUSH teacher did. Mr. Pounds will literally bend over backwards for anyone, and he literally bent over backwards to make sure that I would succeed. He put more time in to make sure that I was passing. I can not thank him enough and I would not have chosen to take the AP Exam if it were not for him. Mr. Pounds deserves to be recognized for his work. He stayed up til 1 am. in the morning to make all of his students APUSH binders to help us prepare for the test, i do not know very many teacher's who not only are willing but want to do that. His love for what he does is amazing and I think he deserves to be Nominated for this. I hope he does, because I am beyond grateful for what he does and for never giving up on me. He has given me so much great learning skills that I am going to be able to take with to College, and not only that but in life.

Jonathan Bain

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