Student Nomination Story

My AVID teacher Mr. Honeycutt has changed my life since when I entered AVID because he has encouraged us to continue to fill out our Agendas and to fill them out every day and he has also taught me about a new strategy called Cornell Notes or Focus Notes and I found this very useful now that I have entered 7th grade. If Mr. Honeycutt reads this I hope he knows how much he has impacted my life.

Yaretzi Valdez

Mr. Honeycutt has changed my life by giving me the AVID Strategy, as well as making me feel comfortable with myself. My teacher has a way of making learning fun, and now having distance learning its more difficult to not be stressed out. My History teacher never seems to fail on making me feel cared for. I believe he makes Graves Middle School what it is. There was a time in class where Mr. Honeycutt gave us fun examples of how historians need to find evidence, as well as primary and secondary sources. It made us laugh and smile while he gave us information on Rome.

Ariel McDermott

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