Student Nomination Story

My teacher, Mr. Campbell, is THE BEST teacher in the whole entire world. He has truly been the absolute greatest teacher I have ever had. There has been so many crazy and cool things he has done for us, but the best thing he did for me and my friend was he went to the mall and got us a bunch of cool things that remind him of us. My friend got a sweatshirt, hat, book, and a cool ornament with his nicknames written on it. I got a baseball, Yahtzee, and a photo of Orlando Arcia (my favorite MLB player). We got these awesome gifts for doing the simple task of putting up and cleaning the Christmas lights. While we were putting up the lights we had some funny conversations. This is how one went... "Clayton, can you get the cleaner?" "All we need is the Michael Jordan book!" (side story: The Michael Jordan book was a book that we really didn't like.) "Clayton! Be serious, we don't want Isaiah fall off the ladder." Mr. Campbell is also incredibly kind. He helps you when you are struggling with your work, but he never tells you the answers. He also plays football with us at recess and is one of the most athletic teachers ever. He throws to every single person on both teams. There are so many things that I could say about him but that would take ages. He has changed my life through my years with him and I'm sure he still will continue to change.

Isaiah Dufek

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