Student Nomination Story

Mr. Hanrahan was my fifth and sixth grade teacher at Merton. Arguably my favorite and best two years of middle school. Mr. Hanrahan was in a great mood and had fun with the class. Going through fifth and sixth grade was an all around great time and in order to have that you need a great teacher. I had an all-star lineup for teachers going through Merton but the no doubt captain is Mr. Hanrahan. Mr. Hanrahan was also very intrigued with sports. He kept up with Merton sports but also student’s interests like skiing, snowboarding and swimming. Mr. Hanrahan kept up to date with his students asking us questions about our weekends, vacations and interest. He even knew my family business and asked if I could bring him bags of tortilla chips which I did once or twice probably should have offered more. Since I was not advanced in math or reading I was able to stay with Mr. Hanrahan during RTI and math class. This made those subjects easier (since I already knew Mr. Hanrahan). I vaguely remember how I did in math but enjoyed RTI which was pretty much reading and talking about what we read. This led to me enjoying reading books through fifth and sixth grade, well ones we got to pick out which was the case the majority of the time where I mostly read realistic fiction books on war. I wish I could say that my enjoyment of reading carried over to 7th grade, it didn’t but 8th grade I found that spark again. During the 2 years I was able to have Mr. Hanrahan as a teacher he was accommodating, bold, collective, and encouraging. Mr. Hanrahan would allow us to have more time reading, work time if we needed it. He would also let us play games during our end of the day study hall, and was willing to help us anytime of the day. Plus if we were working hard he allowed us to leave a few mins early to go to lunch. The last time I saw Mr. Hanrahan was my eighth grade graduation ceremony. I was standing in line waiting to walk across the gym to my spot when Mr. Hanrahan said, “Nolan it’s ok to smile”. I didn’t realize that most of the teachers were on my right at the time because I was trying to take in that this will be my last time at this school as a student. I don’t remember my response but what I do remember was all the memories I had in his class. Those 2 years in Mr. Hanrahan’s class are forsure in my highlights of Merton. All thanks to my favorite teacher Mr. Hanrahan.

Nolan Perkins

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